Sanjiban K Banerjee PhD, MBA (

Dr. Banerjee is a scientist entrepreneur having expertise in fundamental biological scientific research as well as applied translational research. A molecular biologist by training with expertise in the areas of cancer, infectious diseases and parasitology having the ability to use diverse tools like recombinant antibodies, peptides and RNA interference technology to develop novel antimicrobials and anti parasitic agents.

He has a varied research experience ranging from  unraveling the mechanisms of mycobacterial drug resistance from Institute of Microbial Technology, India for which he was awarded a Ph.D degree to postdoctoral scientist in Seattle Institute of Biomedical and clinical Research USA, where he worked as a molecular parasitologist and identified drug targets against Trypanosoma brucei and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre USA, where designed novel recombinant antibody based biomarkers to detect early stage ovarian cancers. During the last 10 years in AbGenics, he has built up a solid foundation of antibody based technologies using indigenously developed materials and processes that can be used to tackle multiple diseases like infections, cancers, autoimmune conditions and afflictions like snakebites and geohelminth parasitic infections. His corporate experience ranges from directing the corporate strategy, business development, technical management in biotech and pharma industries, nationally and internationally

Mr Anil K Nahar (

Mr. Nahar is a businessman, technology entrepreneur and investor involved in promoting the development of diverse emerging technologies like antibody engineering, RNA interference, stem cell therapy and alternative energy. He is a chemist by training and has more than 30 years experience in chemical technology development and its dissemination. Currently he finances and manages and four new technology companies:

AbGenics LifeSciences Pvt. Ltd. : Active in the area of infectious diseases research that is developing anti infectives using a combination of antibodies, peptides and RNA interference.

Defiant Renewables Pvt. Ltd. : Developing alternative energy technologies using hydrogen fuels and biogas.

Saiseva Biotech Pvt. Ltd. : Involved in cord blood banking and developing biologicals for cosmetic use.

Ansicht Scidel Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. : Research and Development of genetically modified stem cells for cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, etc.