Molecular Biology Lab

Well designed work bay for 8 to 10 scientists with state of the art equipment with 24 hour power backup

Cell culture lab

Dedicated cell culture facility with New Brunswick CO2 incubator, Olympus inverted microscope, BSL2 biosafety cabinet

Central Instrumentation Lab

Cooling centrifuges (Eppendorf 1504, REMI C24-plus) and Digital gel documentation system (UVP Doc-It ).

Central Instrumentation Lab 2

Orbital shaker incubator (Two REMI), -80┬░C freezer (New Brunswick U410), 400L -20┬░C freezer, 1000L 4┬░C refrigerator 

Instrumentation Lab 3

Promega Glomax fluorometer and luminometer; PCR thermocyclers (Eppendorf, HiMedia, Genei); BioTek ELISA plate reader

Animal Testing Facility

400 sq ft clean room with 2 animal isolators

Camel Stables

Maintenance and upkeep of camels under medical supervision. Inoculations are carried out with animal ethics committee approvals

Mirobiology Lab

Dedicated facility for microbiology with 2 BSL2 biosafety cabinets, compound microscope and incubators

Proteomics Facility

Chromatograhy systems (AKTA GE), SDS PAGE (Invitrogen)