AbGenics Anti-infective Camelid Antibody Pipelines

  • Sixteen immunized Camelid libraries(10^7 diversity) against pathogens ( clinical isolates) from which CaMabs against surface and intercellular antigens have been isolated and used for various applications . More antibodies can be isolated on demand within a few weeks.
  • Naive camelid library of 10^9 diversity was generated from the pooled lymphocytes of 5 camels.
  • Naive camelid hyperphage library of 10^8 diversity (from 5 camels) has higher binding affnity and has a higher hit rate than the regular library. Antibodies against non-immunogenic antigens has been isolated from these libraries.

Antibody Libraries

  • Naive Human scFv library of 10^8 diversity generated from the B lymphocytes of 20 healthy donors. This can be used to isolate human scFvs against antigens of interest and reformatted to fully human antibodies for therapeutic applications.
  • CaMabs against anti-inflammatory targets (TNF-alpha and IL6) isolated from the Naive Camel hyperphage library.
  • Immunized mouse scfv library against cancer tissue of Indian origin. scFvs binding specifically to the cancer tissues have been isolated by phage display. These are being reformatted into full length chimeric antibodies.

Unique Engineered Molecules ( AbTids )

  • Anti Candida CaMabs fused via cleavable linker to antifungal peptides.
  • Anti Pseudomonas CaMabs  fused via cleavable linker to antibacterial peptides .
  • Anti Staphylococcus CaMabs fused via cleavable linker to antibacterial peptides
  • Anti Propyinobacter CaMabs fused via cleavable antibacterial peptides.

Abtids are being generated against all the ESKAPE, fungal and enteral pathogens. 

Delivery Technologies

Probiotics based delivery technology to the gut:

  1. Lactobacilli and other probiotics secrete the therapeutic molecules in the gut that are absorbed by the host. Vectors have been developed to secrete or surface display therapeutic molecules in the gut. A lactobacillus displaying anti-Salmonella CaMab has been tested in vivo.
  2. Lactobacillus RNAi vectors that produce target specific RNAi molecues in the gut. A Lactobacillus secreting anti-Ancylostoma RNAi was successfully tested in vivo.

These vector systems can be used to deliver other therapeutic molecules and RNAi molecules against other gut pathogens and parasites. 

Intellectual property

  • Patent application no 1100/MUM/2014, 27 March , 2014 : Expression of a single chain antibody against Salmonella in Lactobacillus.
  • Patent Application No.116/MUM/2015 dated 13-01-2015: An Antimicrobial Combination of Antibodies and antimicrobial Peptides to Target Microbes.
  • Patent Application No.  201621034928 dated 12/10/2016: A method of controlling helminth infection by probiotic mediated RNA interference.