Corporate overview

Business Overview

AbGenics is a privately held discovery stage biotechnology company focused on generation of unique camelid, mouse and human antibody and antibody fragment libraries, selection and maturing of antibody molecules against novel cancer, immunoinflammation and infectious pathogen targets.

Business Strategy

AbGenics utilizes its proprietary library/ antibody generation methods and deep clinical and translational insights to identify novel targets and antibodies to key disease subpopulations of cells/ targets in oncology, immuno-inflammation and infections. Abgenics also seeks to establish partnerships with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world to exploit our unique offerings and take them to the clinic.

Product Strategy

Focus on novel and high-value biologicals where AbGenics' proprietary technology allows rapid identification and maturation of antibodies through in vitro and in vivo stages. Identification of novel targets and biomolecules to modulate their activity using antibodies in multiple formats (human/camelid/mouse). Hit to lead development and taking it through the preclinical and Phase 1 clinical studies.The molecules can be outlicensed at any stage.

Corporate Milestones

  • 2010 
    • Founded in National Chemical Laboratories, Venture Center, Pune. Launched laboratory operations and shifted to an independent research facility.

  • 2010 - 2014 
    • Development of anti-infective camelid antibodies and probiotics based delivery vehicles for enteral delivery to human and animals.
    • Development of anti-parasitic RNAi based molecule to control human hookworm infections, funded by The Gates Foundation under the Grand Challenges scheme 2014.

  • 2014 - 2020
    • Initiation of a project for the development of value added anti-microbials using a combination of peptides and camelid antibodies (AbTids), funded by BIRAC, Government of India.
    • Development of human, mouse and camelid antibody platforms for rapid identification of leads and novel target ID, using disease tissues. Generation of full length human antibodies against cancer and autoimmune targets.
    • Establishment of POC for a new class of potent antimicrobials and antifungals with MIC range comparable to frontline drugs available in the market. 
    • Development of ultra sensitive diagnostic assays using pathogen specific camelid antibodies for the detection of pathogens in the blood of sepsis patients, a project funded by the Gates Foundation under the Grand Challenges scheme 2019. 

  • 2020-Present
    • Identification of  novel pathogen target blocking of which that reverses antimicrobial resistance in P. aeruginosa.  This is a component of C4 decarboxylate transporter that feeds metabolites to the glyoxylate shunt under conditions of oxidative stress. This target is universally present in all the major bacterial pathogens and not present in the human host. 
    • Development of broad spectrum AbTids using a common antibody binding to the C4 decarboxylate transporter of the ESKAPE pathogens . 
    • Camelid antibodies coupled to nanoparticle for diagnostics and therapeutics for superbugs. 
    • Establishing collaborations with medtech devices companies to develop sensitive assays for detection of blood borne pathogens in sepsis and markers for other diseases.